The Holy Bible reveals spiritual truths that lead us to a deeper understanding of God. From reading written Scripture, we learn a lot about who He is. This includes what He loves and what He hates. The nature of sin and the acts of sins oppose our Father in every way. Our loving Father will always love the sinner. But He will always hate every sin we commit.

Scripture passages discuss man’s sinful nature. These talk about sins and warn every believer to avoid committing sins that displease our Father. Sins, the 7 deadly sins, is very popular. And different Bible scholars, Christian groups or churches have links to their own respective lists of deadly sins that Christians should avoid or forsake.

Two of the most popular original article list of 7 deadly sins are given in Proverbs Chapter 6 and the teachings of the pope and the Roman Catholic Church.

What Are 7 Deadly Sins According to the Roman Catholic Church?

The 7 deadly sins in accordance to published writings of the Roman Catholic church are: anger, envy, lust, gluttony, greed, pride, and sloth or laziness. To date, publishing from the church also considers them to be cardinal sins, where cardinal sins are deemed unloving and deliberate acts against the Father.

The Catholic church categorizes these sins as capital sins because like capital vices, these sins often lead a Christian to act out other sins.

Let’s now take a deeper look at how serious these 7 deadly sins really are and why the God-fearing should make a sincere effort on cleansing their lives from these sinful acts, attitudes, or behaviors.

Wrath or Anger

7 deadly sins

Wrath is number one of the 7 deadly sins and rightfully so, because wrath leads to other negative emotions that easily lead anyone into all sorts of sin. When left uncontrolled, wrath builds up inside and could likely cause others in this world to commit all of these 7 deadly sins.

Except for righteous wrath, where one is passionate for His holiness and true righteousness, all other types of anger is wrong. Wrath that makes people in this world unforgiving, bitter, vengeful, and impatient is not godly. If you are easily angered, pray and allow the Spirit to build in you the virtue of love, patience, and forgiveness.

Envy (Covetousness)

7 deadly sins

Envy or covetousness is number two of the 7 deadly sins. To envy is to be discontent with your material possessions and position in life. One becomes envious when he or she starts looking at what others have and enjoy. Often, the envious becomes resentful and even angry. James 3:16 warns that behind every disorder and evil practice is an envious and selfish heart.

If you find yourself harboring envy against others, repent. Turn your gaze on all the blessings you have in Christ. Deal with envy by nurturing the virtues of a grateful heart and pay attention to how our Father cares and provides for you each and every day.


7 deadly sins

Gluttony is one of the 7 deadly sins. The subject of lust, gluttony is a sin that is not often tackled in churches. Today, many groups are sensitive about discriminating against the overweight or obese. Society, media, and the news promote a culture of acceptance and celebration of one’s body and image.

While everyone is of priceless value and worth in the eyes of the Creator, the practices of overindulging yourself (in a sexual way or not) or giving in to excessive desires are wrong. Gluttony comes from a lack of self-control (temperance) and contentment. If you struggle with the tendency for overindulgence and excessive cravings, yield yourself to the guidance and care of the Father. Seek the assistance of trained professionals who can help you work on reclaiming health and management over your body and life.

Greed or Avarice

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Greed is one of the 7 deadly sins. It is motivated by selfish gain. One desires to acquire and achieve more out of self-interest. Greedy people take advantage of others. People wrapped up in greed, lust are not willing to share or help. If they help, they expect something in return.

Let’s remember what the Lord called us to do. Luke 12:15 says this life is not just about us. And it’s not about things. Deal with greed or avarice by nurturing the virtues of generosity and hospitality. Find joy in serving people.


Pride is one of the 7 deadly sins. It is at the center of every proud thought and opinion. Envy and pride often go together. The proud person disregards the help of the Father and others. Instead, he or she thinks that whatever one has gained and attained in life is all because of self-efforts.

Let’s remember that without Him, we can do nothing. The Eternal One sustains and enables us to accomplish great things in our job and everything else. Lucifer fell because of lust, envy, and pride. We should be careful not to fall in the same way. Desire humility. Honor Him in all you do. And always be grateful for His enabling and grace. 

Laziness or Sloth

7 deadly sins

Laziness or sloth is one of the 7 deadly sins. To be lazy or a sloth is not a simple flaw. Laziness is a deadly sin because behind a sloth is an unwilling heart that hates to put in the work. Lazy people avoid or neglect obligations and responsibilities. They are often unreliable and unhelpful.

What Are 7 Deadly Sins According to Proverbs Chapter 6?

In Proverbs 6:16 we learn 7 things the LORD hates and considers an abomination. Like lust, these may also be among the category of 7 deadly sins. References from verse 17 -19 of the same chapter list these:

·     a proud look

·     a lying tongue

·     hands that shed innocent blood

·     a heart that devises wicked imaginations

·     feet that are quick to run into mischief

·     a false witness who speaks lies, and

·     someone who sows disunity and conflicts among brethren

We have talked about the sin of pride in this article. Let’s look at the rest.

Lying and Slander

7 deadly sins

Lying and slander go together because to slander someone is to seek to destroy another’s character by telling untruths about them. These may be considered sins the 7 deadly sins. Proverbs 12:20 reveals that the Lord hates lying lips and favors those who are trustworthy. The Gospel of John emphasizes that Jesus is truth and God the Son declares this about Himself in chapter 14 verse 6.

If you are a child of God, surrender your lying tongue first to His control. Search and meditate on His Word and godly music so that you can nurture the life and virtues of honesty and goodwill to others.


7 deadly sins

The violent hurts others and himself/herself. Violence causes damage, injury, and even. People become violent when they desire to force a view or an action on others. Others resort to violence out of an inability to deal with frustrations, stress, and disappointments.

Being violent can bring painful consequences. We should learn from the story of Cain. He was the first man to be judged for being violent. Although God showed grace and remained loving and protective of him, the sin had to be punished and he had to live in exile for the rest of his life.

Evil Thinking and Inclination

Wicked thinking and inclination may rightly be among the 7 deadly sins. In Matthew 15, the Lord Jesus opens our eyes towards the truth that whatever comes out of our mouths come from the heart and may defile us. Out of our innermost being come sinful thoughts and actions. A person who thinks ill of others and who is prone to lust and thinking up wrong acts and desire has an erring heart.

If you struggle with wrong thoughts and ill will to others and even yourself, seek guidance from counselors who can help you. Be free by letting the Word dwell in you so that you may put off all that is unhealthy in your life and put on what is good for your soul, spirit, and body.

Mischievous Tendencies

Sometimes, evil thinking and inclination begins with mischievous tendencies. If one is not watchful, one simple sign of naughtiness or cheekiness may encourage children and youths to grow up with rebellious and insensitive natures. Spot the sign and correct a child’s tendency to march into mischief so that the child won’t grow up committing more serious cardinal deadly sins.


Divisiveness is one of the deadly sins. God is a God of order not of confusion. He is the the Lord of peace. Our Father called us against disunity and conflicts. His only begotten Son came to bridge the gap between man and God. His desire is love and reconciliation with man and for all men.

However, a divisive spirit prevails among many. You find this sin in schools, workplaces, and even in churches and homes. It ruins relationships. It is important to first check yourself that you do not promote or stir up strife in your place of influence. Charity is never divisive, so make every effort to promote unity and peace. Nurture positive and godly virtues. Always be loving, understanding, and forgiving.

Final Thoughts

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Indeed, every sin is a serious offense and an act of rebellion against the Holy One. The sincere Christian who wants to glorify the Lord should understand how deadly sins can drive a wedge between them and God or other people. Let’s strive to develop positive and godly virtues so we can avoid committing these sins.