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Welcome to our Writer’s Hub!

If you have landed on this page, we thank you for your interest in contributing to this community.

Ask God Today aims to be a loving community that supports each other through this platform. We value your voice here and would love to hear your story!

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AskGodToday is a place for believers to come together as a family and grow together in faith. It is a place where you can speak freely about your views, ask questions on your worries, as well as help those who are in need of guidance. 

And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased. (Hebrews 13:16 – NIV)

If this is what you believe in, you can be a part of this family too! If you love writing as well as helping people, this is a great place for you to start! By writing in an article, you are helping believers and fellow members of AskGodToday grow closer to the LORD. 

To know God, is to love. By contributing with your articles, you are helping this community which represents your love for others. Never underestimate the power of words, it may surprise you how much an article can help one’s walk with God. 

Start a conversation here by posting an article with us and start conversing with christians from all over the world through your writing!

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Let’s brainstorm

01. Everything Starts With An Idea! 

To write an article, you have to first think of an idea.

The sky is your limit! You can write about anything and everything you desire.

Is there any specific topics you would love to explore? or would you love to share about your walk with God?

As long as the content is appropriate for all ages, it will most definitely be accepted!  

Let’s Write

02. Time To Write and Inspire!

Now that you have your idea in mind, it is time to put it to work!

Kindly take note on the minimum and maximum word count through the guidelines for writers.

Also remember to save and send your work in a Google Doc or any word document format.

This is so that we can easily transfer your content over to our website! 

Let’s connect

03. Drop Us An Email

After you have finished writing your article, kindly drop us an email at:

Upon clicking ‘send’, ensure the below:

Subject Title:

Community Article [Your Name] [Title of your article]


Community Article [Rachel] [How To Pray?]

Subject Description:

Kindly ensure that you have included the below,

1. Your Article in a Google Doc / Word Document Format.

2. Your author name

3. A short biography of yourself

4. Your portrait picture which you would like to be featured. (Optional)

5. Your Social Media account name for publicity. (Optional)


Let’s Wait

04. Sit Back and Relax!


You have done your part, now it is our turn!

Sit back and relax while we review your masterpiece.

AskGodToday is a welcoming and safe platform for all viewers. We are always very careful with the content featured in this community as each article is read by different readers with different background.

This is why we have to make sure that the content are appropriate for all readers.

Once we have finished reviewing your awesome article, we will send you an email to update you on your submitted piece.

Remember, as long as your article does not contain any inappropriate content or vulgarity, it will be approved!


Important Information

To Include In Your Submission

Minimum Word Count

Author Name

Your Portrait Picture


Article to be sent in a Google Doc file or any Word Document File

Maximum Word Count

A Short Biography of Yourself


Your Social Media Platform


Avoid Inappropriate Content and Vulgarity

Questions and Answers

Who Should Contribute?

Anyone at all! If you are looking for a platform to publish your articles or if you are interested in sharing your journey with christians around the world, this is a good place for you!

Are there any specific topics to write about?

No specific topic is set. Just write on what you feel comfortable with!

The sky is your limit! There are no specific topics for you to write on, so just type away according to your own interests! Whether you have a favourite Bible verse you would like to explain on, an experience that God has touched you with or just an everyday insight on your journey of faith. 

Each article has the potential to help someone out or inspire a believer in God!

What are the guidelines?

We would like to avoid setting too many guidelines for our writers as we understand that this may affect the originality of your work!

Our guidelines are pretty basic. Kindly refer to the section above for more information! 

Do you need to include the visuals?

This is entirely up to you! Do you have any relevant images that you have found? If you do, you can also attach that in the email.

Here are some points you should take note of when choosing your pictures:

– Ensure that the picture chosen are copyright free or you hold the rights of publishing.

– Ensure that the images picked are appropriate for readers.

Do not worry if you do not have any pictures in mind! We will find suitable images to be featured in your article.

Thank you For Your Interest in Collaborating with us!

Do you have any more questions?

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